The Diary of Acne Prone Skin


I’ve been itching to write this blog post because skin is questionably one of my favorite topics. I find it interesting and unique and beautiful. I’ve also had my fair share of skin struggles myself, so it’s become something that I’m passionate about.

In this post I’m going to cover three topics; all of which I believe you will benefit from whether you struggle with problematic skin or not;


My Story

My Routine (complete with my favorite products)

My Best Advice


My Story;

As mentioned, I have struggled with my skin for quite some time now. Just when I think that I’ve found the magical product or fix that will heal my skin, something else pops up for me to deal with. It has been a constant problem and annoyance.


About five years ago I started to get acne all over my face. It was awful. I never had problematic skin, so this really threw a wrench into my self confidence. There was really no rhyme or reason as to why my skin started to act up the way that it did, but it was the start of a very long journey that I didn’t ask to be on. It was painful and everywhere and I hated it. I tried everything – I read everything – I did everything that I knew to do to try to fix my acne or at least pin point the cause, but I got no where.

I was impatient with my skin. I didn’t want to give products time to do their thing. I started my horrible habit of picking at my skin (which made things way worse). I was a mess… I wanted to put a bag over my head and call it a day. Can you relate?

I’ve been to dermatologists, on antibiotics, on diets, on different mixtures of vitamins and supplements, on skin systems like Proactive, and on birth control. I’ve tried numerous skin care lines, essential oils and facials. I’m well versed in skin-lingo, skin hygiene, and the importance of doing this vs doing that.  I could basically write a book on how to treat your skin from the outside in.

You can’t quite grasp the struggle of acne until you experience it for yourself. Sure – there’s makeup to cover it up, but not really… Makeup doesn’t cover up lumps and bumps and craters. For those who have acne, trust me when I say that I feel your struggle. If I could take it away for you, I would. So from the deepest crevice of my heart, I hope that this post helps you in some way. Maybe even if it’s just to know that someone can relate to you and that you’re not alone.

My journey with my skin has been a long one, and I don’t know that it is close to being over but that’s okay… My skin may not be where I’d like it to be, but it is definitely not where it used to be and for that I am extremely humbled and thankful.


My Routine;

I think it’s worth mentioning right off the bat that this is not a sponsored post, I really do believe in the products listed below and they really have made a difference for my skin.

Through extensive trial and error, I have come up with this routine. And it works for me right now. We don’t share the same skin, the same diet, same environmental factors, etc. so it is impossible for me to say that this will work for you too. But when I was in search of answers, I was willing to try anything to heal my skin and keep it that way. So perhaps it’s worth a try!

My dermatologist stressed to me the importance of simplicity in the products that we introduce to our skin; the simpler the better. Comparable to the food that we consume, it’s important to be aware of the ingredients that products contain.

I love the Origins skin care line because it’s all natural and basic. I’ve been using their products for about two years now consistently and I love them.

Everyday, twice a day, I use Origins Checks and Balances (shown left) face wash to cleanse my skin. I have a Clarisonic (I use the green attachment heads for acne prone skin) and I swear by it. I use warm, not hot water and put a pea-size amount on my Clarisonic and use circular motions on my face with medium pressure. This is something that I do NO MATTER WHAT. It doesn’t matter how tired I am at night, I have vowed to wash my face. It is a great habit to start as the first and last thing you do each day.

After I wash my face I use an oil-free moisturizer unless Im doing a mask. About twice a week I try to use one of two masks that I love; Origins Out of Trouble or Origins Clear Improvements (shown top right).

I love these both in different ways; Out of Trouble does just that… When my skin is super pissed off (red, breaking out, out of control), this mask comes in handy. It really does calm your skin down and helps to clear it up.  It smells like a product that works (if you know what I mean) and it goes on thick.  I probably use this one once a week or more if needed. The Clear Improvements mask is more for general maintenance. It dries to your skin while you have it on so it really feels like it’s sucking the crap out of your pores. I use this mask probably about twice a week.

Finally, I moisturize, moisturize and moisturize.

I have combination skin – so sometimes my face is really oily and other times it is really dry. This makes finding products that work a little bit tricky. I use an oil-free moisturizer because I don’t want to add more oil to my already oily skin, HOWEVER, that is not to say I don’t want to add moisture to my oily skin. When skin is dry, it actually produces more oil to compensate for the dryness. No bueno.

The trick with moisturizing is to use less but more often. See, the air is constantly sucking moisturizer from our skin… So moisturizing once a day really isn’t going to keep your skin quenched for the whole day. Let’s be honest and say that no one carries around a facial moisturizer to re-apply throughout the day the way you would lipstick… So to make up for my skin negligence, I use Origins Drink Up Intensive moisturizing mask at night.

My Best Advice;

Even if you don’t struggle with acne or other types of problematic skin, you can benefit from being kind to your skin. After all, it is the largest organ in your body… Oh, did you forget that your skin is an organ? Does that mean that what we consume and use effects it in the same way it does other organs? Yep. That’s the perspective that I’m trying to take now-a-days… I’m a firm believer in eating well and being in-tune with your body. I can’t list out foods that you should and shouldn’t eat because I’m not you… But I can tell you that a whole, balanced diet that is specific to your body and it’s needs will dramatically help your skin.

  • The best thing that I did for my skin was practicing consistency.  Once you find a routine that you like and that you think will work for you, stick to it. Be super consistent and give it some time. Whatever it is that’s causing your skin problems is most likely a result of something that has been built up in your body over time. So it will take time and consistency to undo and reverse it.
  • Make the investment. Your skin is no joke… If you feel like you can’t afford good products or healthy foods, then you won’t be able to afford your long-term care either. The skin is somewhat of a thermometer for what is going on inside of your body. If you don’t start to address what’s happening on the outside now, you may pay a price for what’s happening on the inside later. You can’t afford to not afford an investment into your health. I’m not suggesting to go splurge on products or professional care for your skin, but I am suggesting to be open minded when it comes to the price of taking care of yourself.
  • Get yourself some good habits. Along with consistency, what you do matters. Some good habits that I’ve had to practice are cleaning my makeup brushes regularly, keeping my skin clean and moisturized, washing my pillow cases, keeping my hands off my face, cleaning my phone screen, etc. My favorite habits is drinking more water. In my opinion, if you drink out of a straw cup you will end up drinking more water!

As frustrating as your skin may be, it is yours and it’s beautiful! Be good to your skin and it will be good back… Wherever you’re at on your journey to clearer, healthier skin, just know that there is hope. Our bodies are able to heal and get better. There is a solution to every problem that arises and often times there is beauty in the journey to find it. Don’t get discouraged and try to be patient with yourself, you will get there!




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  1. Love this! I also used to have low maintenance skin, then I turned 27 and suddenly everything changed. Acne galore. I use Neutrogena, but I might just give Origins a shot.

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