Why I Broke Up With Avocado Toast


If you follow my insta story (@espressoandfit) or know me at all, you’d know that my relationship with avocado toast is obsessive, at best.

So when I came to the realization that it was time to break up I was devastated.

But avocado toast…it’s me, not you.

I have been tweaking my diet for about three years now. I started with a high protein, low fat, carb cycling diet because I was in the gym five days a week trying to build a bum.

Then when I realized how crappy & bloated that made me feel (because my poor little body should have never had that much protein), I lowered my protein and raised my carbs and fats. I stopped eating meat. I drastically lowered my seafood intake and I quit dairy for the most part. I became the classic high carb vegetarian.

Until one day about two months ago I was shopping at Target and something happened to me that never had before.

I was totally fine and then I felt all of the blood drain out of my face, I started sweating, I got light headed, my heart was beating out of my chest, I felt nauseous and dizzy and my legs felt like they were going to give out at any second.

I did what anyone would do and recalled that time Harry Potter was on the train and Professor Lupin gave him chocolate to help him bounce back from the dementor attack. Then, I proceeded to hide in the dressing room with my chocolate where no one would be able to ever find me should I pass out… logical, I know.

Anyways, it was determined at this point in time that high carbs don’t work for me. I experienced a few more crashes after eating carbed-out meals and was finding it harder to fit them in my day because of that. I had a little bit of a struggle to keep my blood sugar regulated because I was messing with carbs so much and made the call that I needed to change something up.

So with high-protein out and high-carb out, I turned to healthy (plant) fats as my go-to.

& can I just say, I’ve never felt better.

My body functions better, I’m way less hungry, I haven’t gained any weight even though I’m eating so much more fat than ever before. I am totally happy and content with my food choices. It’s great! But there’s two catches:

1) Though a high fat diet has tons of proven benefits, it is not for everyone. Don’t install a keg of olive oil in your kitchen just yet… If you think you’d like to try higher fats out, start slow and take notice of your body’s tolerance. Everyone needs a different diet at a different point in their life; one thing doesn’t work for everyone, all of the time.

2) High fat only works well if you’re also low carb. And right about here is when my relationship started to get rocky with my beloved avocado toast. I can’t think of a more perfect combination of high fat, high carb than avo toast.

Dr. Lipman, M.D. puts it this way;

“If you’re going to eat a lot of fats, it’s essential that you’re low-carb at the same time.”

“if you want to put grass-fed butter in your coffee, that’s fine, but don’t drink it with a muffin.”

The science behind it is:

If you’re eating high-fat and low-carbs, then your body will metabolize that fat and use it for energy. Think KETOSIS.

However, if you’re eating high-fat and high-carb, your body is just going to use the sugar from the carbs as energy and STORE all that fat.

So in short, a high fat diet is super beneficial as long as your body is going to actually use the fat.

If you’re reading this, and you’re now heart broken because you think you can’t have avocado toast… hear me:

Avocado toast is great.

Eating it or not eating it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your body, what diet makes you feel the best and the happiest as well as being sensitive to your genetic predispositions.

This post is for everyone that’s like me, jumping on the high-fat bandwagon because high-fats are great for your body… but isn’t aware that high-fats paired with high-carbs is kind of defeating the mission.

So, what now?

Transition was key for me… I couldn’t end it cold turkey, so we became friends with benefits and then eventually I mustered up enough will power to just stop buying bread for toasting.

I now simply just eat my avocado with a squeeze of lemon and sea salt. It’s delicious and it works a lot better for me!

I love the idea of mostly plants, mostly fats. What are your thoughts?

PS – I am not a medical professional by any means. This post is based off of my own personal research & journey. Thanks for reading!



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