The Divorce Pill // Marrying The Wrong Man


Fair warning: this will blow your mind.

Another fair warning: this is solely based on research. I am not a doctor and do not claim to be. You should always do your OWN research before making a health-related decision.

It is not my heart to spread fear, but to expose a different perspective and possible truths about various topics.

Studies are showing that birth control pills are leading women to DIVORCE.

Ladies, we’re being under-informed.

Did you know;

That a woman’s body chemistry is naturally attracted to a mate with the OPPOSITE immune system as them? If you’ve ever found yourself attracted to someone who is typically not your type – it’s because of your immune systems!

Reason being – if you and opposite immune man would create a baby… that baby (and it’s diverse immune system) would have one heck of a chance of surviving.


When a woman’s body is pregnant it is naturally attracted to a SIMILAR immune system.  Like, family member similar. Why? Because a woman craves that family unit during this season of her life. She’s bringing a baby into the world, after all… So it makes sense.

When a woman is on birth control, her body thinks that she’s pregnant (all of the time); never ovulating or having a real period (despite the false periods that women get on birth control). Therefore, never activating those pheromones that seek out the ideal immune system mate. 

Typically on birth control while in search for a mate – studies are now showing that women are looking for the WRONG MAN. Thinking that they’re pregnant, their body is on the hunt for that similar immune system.

Women find this similar immune man, marry him, get off the pill to conceive and BAM – no longer attracted to their husband!

It’s subtle things like the way their man smells, the way he sweats, the sounds he makes – all throwing women off! They literally can’t wrap their heads around how they were ever attracted to the man they’ve married.

Not understanding the science or shall we say – trickery – behind this sudden change in feelings, couples are seeing divorce as the only likely option.

It’s not extreme for everyone, but could be leading to low interest in sex or unenjoyable sex. Or causing that “honeymoon phase” to wear off real quick.

Could it be that birth control (that 80%+ of woman are taking) is contributing to not only the high divorce rate, but the generalized unhappiness in marriages across the board.

Sex is a BIG DEAL in a marriage and being attracted to each other is one large indicator as to how that sex is going to go.

The solution:

  • If you think that you may be experiencing this problem in your own marriage and you don’t know what else to do (are thinking divorce), realize that there are ways to create attraction in addition to your body’s bio-chemistry. Like tons of ways. This is not an all or nothing thing… If you got married on birth control and are now finding yourself in a low-libido funk, don’t panic. This post is more for the sake of raising awareness around the underground facts about birth control, not to shame women or suggest that their marriage won’t work.
  • If you’re dating, consider getting off of the pill and using alternative methods of birth control so that you can not only achieve a higher level of overall health (read this) but to ensure that you are attracting the ideal man candy.

Google “the divorce pill” to read stories of woman coming forward about the shift in their feelings towards their spouse post birth control. I’d be willing to bet that more woman feel this way and are chalking it up to something else. It’s time to put a stop to being misdiagnosed and take back our hormonal health. It’s actually unreal how much our hormones influence!



  • The most helpful thing you can do with providing information like this is to actually link the studies. Otherwise you are just spreading misinformation and fear. Most women who are on birth control (like myself) do not have any side effects, and are perfectly fine after going off the pill (which is why it has been the primary form of bc since like the 50s). Also, the high divorce rate is actually being lowered with millennials, a higher majority of whom have had exposure to birth control methods- so trying to tie a correlation between birth control and divorce is really a stretch.
    I get what you are trying to do here.. but it seems like more fear mongering than actually providing helpful information for those women who actually need it. Has everyone forgotten that the birth control pill is basically the reason us women even had a chance at independence in the first place? It provided the first real control we have ever had over our bodies, and our lives. It’s not this evil thing that we now need to eradicate completely.

    • I will definitely link the studies, thank you!

  • Agreed with R.R. 100%. If you have scholarly journal articles or non-biased scientific studies supporting your article, you may want to link it so that you have something to back up what you’re saying. However, I doubt you will find any scholarly/professional studies supporting this idea. I would be more likely to believe that linking birth control to divorce is a far-fetched idea people utilize to blame their failed marriages on. If changing/tapering off birth control is the primary cause of a couple’s divorce, I would have to think their marriage wasn’t very sound to begin with. This is not to say that birth control doesn’t cause side effects or adverse outcomes ( as all medications, vitamins, supplements, etc. can do so), but this article portrays birth control very negatively. It would be fair to mention the BENEFITS of oral contraceptives, which includes decreasing chances of ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer, treating polycystic ovary syndrome, abnormal uterine bleeding, etc.
    I think everyone deserves to speak their mind and have an opinion, but you might want to consult a reliable educated source before speaking out on medications/health and scaring any impressionable readers.

    • Thank you so much for your input! I can’t speak to people’s marriages, nor convince them to use or not use oral contraceptives. I believe my audience can make those choices for themselves… but I did find this interesting and wanted to share with my readers. I don’t claim to be a health care professional and have this disclaimer threaded throughout my website, so further research and ultimately a stance on the matter is always up to the reader. Thank you for reading, I appreciate your feedback <3 As I promised R.R., I will link the sources in which I found this input to share.

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